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Without music
life would be
a mistake

—Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

A moment in the eternity of music

Ripples of music in musicians of Zansam bond the group members together Zansam is set up as a music group to provide established and aspiring musicians a platform to live and share their passion for music. At Zansam, we compose our own music, perform at corporate events and concerts organized by event management our passion for Old Hindi Film songs.

All musicians at Zansam are either students or working professionals. For us, Zansam is not a means of earning, but a means to be involved actively in music. As long as basic costs are recovered, we try to perfom at events for a cause we identify with.

Since inception, Zansam has organized and performed at two public concerts in support of charitable causes and a number of corporate events. A sensitive ear for music, relentless hard work and unbiased critique has contributed to the success of Zansam as a group.

This website will give you an introduction to Zansam, and will give you more information on our past and forthcoming concerts. Learn about the causes we support as a group, and enjoy glimpses of our past performances throgh the audio, picture and video galleries.

Zansam: A performing music group

• Zansam's primary focus as a music group is to provide musicians a platform for composing original music.
• We also organize concerts based on Hindi film music. All the concerts organized by Zansam are in aid of charitable causes.
• We prefer working with event management companies interested in organizing Hindi film music based concerts.
• We also perform old Hindi film music at corporate shows and events.

However, we are not a typical orchestra group and prefer to perform only where the music is the main attraction of the event. We do not provide background live music for personal events like weddings, etc., and are not providers or resellers or music or karaoke equipment.

Call Us on any of these nunbers:

+91 99002 80307
+91 98867 21844
+91 98453 55598

We thank our sponsors and audiences for the overwhelming response to our Hindi music concert "Pancham - A Musical Tribute"
We would like to thank our sponsors, the media and the wonderful audience that graced our last concert...
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