Concerts, musicians and music with a soul

Zansam is more than a performing music group. We manage artistes, collaborate with musicians and music institutes to promote music education, we conduct concerts to promote worthy causes — and yes, we also perform.


From a performing music group to event management

The Zansam journey started in 2007 when a group of like-minded music lovers came together to form a performing music group. Most of us were either students, working professionals or had our own business. For us, music was passion not a potential source of income. So, jamming together and enjoying music we all loved together was all that we did for the first few months.

But music wasn’t all that we talked about. We all wanted to make a difference to the world we lived in. Donations and monetary contributions only go so far, not everyone in the team could even afford that, and it’s not always sustainable. But we could leverage our music to support and promote causes we identified with. And that was the genesis of our concerts.


Concerts and performances in aid of causes

We started organizing concerts and performing at corporate events to raise funds and spread awareness of causes we supported. We composed our first song between our first two concerts and performed it to a very warm reception during our second concert.

However, generating funds and sponsorship for our events was harder than we thought – we weren’t stars, we didn’t have a track record, we weren’t “marketable”. It didn’t matter that our first two concerts were sold out and we got heart-touching feedback from the audiences. It didn’t matter that we still get congratulatory messages from our audience members on our concert anniversaries even a decade later. It didn’t matter that our audiences said our concert souvenir itself was worth every penny they spent on our concert.

So, despite two extremely successful ticketed concerts and several successful corporate performances, Zansam — the performing music group – took a self-imposed sabbatical. We still loved each other’s company and our music and so we evolved into a music appreciation group that got together to jam occasionally.


Return to the stage

Since 2016, we have returned to the stage – not a performing music group, but as a team that organizes concerts and musical events, an organization that manages artistes, a group that supports deserving causes and music lovers who just love music and can’t stay away from it. We have partnered with Prahlad Mira Academy for Music and Art, and are currently organizing their third ticketed concert — Immortals 2.


What we do today:

  • Zansam’s primary focus is to provide musicians a platform for performing and composing music, learning evolving as musicians.
  • We organize concerts and events based on Hindi film music. All the concerts organized by Zansam are in aid of causes we want to support.
  • We work with event management companies interested in organizing Hindi film music based concerts.
  • We collaborate with music teachers and institutes to promote music education
  • We manage musicians and artistes and organize both corporate and ticketed events for them
  • We also perform old Hindi film music at corporate shows and events.

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