About our music band

Zansam, as a hindi music band, was initiated by a family of musicians. Born in a family of music lovers and accomplished singers, the seven ‘Zanzi’ cousins developed a passion for Hindi film music at an early age. They grew up listening to their parents and uncles perform the greats of Hindi film cinema, dreaming of one day forming a music band themselves.

With age came responsibilities and the Zanzi cousins pursued their respective careers, nestling in their hearts the hope of realizing their childhood dreams of forming a music band some day. Once settled in their careers, the childhood ambition was revived when the Zanzi cousins were joined by their musician friends. This rekindled their childhood dream…and that was the genesis of the band, ZANzi SAngeet Mandali (Zansam).

None of the founder members of Zansam were interested in pursuing music as a means of revenue or income. It was a passion that we wanted to live to the extent possible – a release from the work-a-day routines, stresses and pressures. A natural progression of this outlook was that Zansam evolved not just as a performing music band, but as a voluntary music appreciation group, a platform for aspiring and established musicians and a gathering of like-minded musicians looking to live, share and compose music together. It is a little growing family that we hope will eventually get recognized as at least a moment in the eternity of music.

Zansam as a music band

As a music band, Zansam performs at ticketed music concerts that are focused on old Hindi film music; corporate shows and musical events in aid of charitable causes that we identify with. While Zansam has organized two public concerts in aid of charity, we prefer to work with event management companies and event organizers in putting together ticketed concerts.


We see music as a passion and not as a commercial endeavour. Whenever we can, we partner with charities and organize concerts for charitable causes as our contribution towards the society that we are a part of. We seek the same passion, drive and ambition from those who aspire to join the band. We also seek to partner with organizations who are passionate about music from yesteryears.

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