A concert of Immortal Bollywood oldies


Venue: ADA Ranga Mandira, Bangalore

Date: Saturday, 23 September, 2017

Timing: 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Ticket Prices: Rs 700 and Rs 500

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Expected audience:

ADA Ranga Mandira is conveniently located in the heart of Bangalore. It is a well recognized auditorium known for cultural and musical performance, an ideal venue for Immortals 2. The total capacity of the auditorium is 550 seats and if our past concerts are an indication of what to expect, all 550 seats will be occupied by music lovers. Will you be one of them?

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More about the Immortals 2 concert:

After the success of Immortals – our concert in March 2017, Prahlad Mira Academy for Music and Art present “Immortals 2”, a collection of immortal melodies by Bollywood’s most celebrated singers and composers. Immortals 2 is Prahlad Mira Academy’s vision to bring together musical memories of eras between the 50s and the 70s. The concert is presented in collaboration with Zansam, a not-for-profit group that organizes musical concerts in aid of charitable and educational causes.

Envisioned to be more than a musical event, we intend Immortals 2 to be…

  • Our tribute to legends who immortalized numerous melodies on screen
  • Music with a cause: The concert will be a fund raiser to aid the musical education of children who cannot afford learning music

Immortals 2 has been in planning for a few months, and follows on the success of Romance – A tribute to Kishore Kumar in December 2016, and Immortals in March 2016, both organized by Prahlad Mira Academy for Music and Art. A number of the musicians performing in the concert have also been a part of Pancham – A celebration of music and Nostalgia Night concerts organized by Zansam.

Prahlad Prasad, the lead performer of the concert is an award-winning singer who also teaches music and has been composing music. Highlights of some of his compositions will also be presented during Immortals 2.


A proven track record:

We are young group of musicians. The team is diverse and ranges from music teachers to passionate self-taught musicians, and comprises of both students and working professionals. Between us, the musicians have performed at over 100 concerts. Immortals 2 will continue on the success of:

  • Romance – A tribute to Kishore Kumar, organized by Prahlad Mira Academy for Music and Arts
  • Immortals, organized by Prahlad Mira Academy for Music and Arts
  • Pancham – A celebration of music organized by Zansam
  • Nostalgia Night, organized by Zansam
  • Coffee Huduga – A critically acclaimed album composed by Prahalad Prasad released in 2012. The music video for the title track ‘Coffee Huduga,’ won the best music video award at the Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival and the single ‘Yenu Vismayavo idu’ got through the 57th Annual Grammy Awards 2015 in ‘Record of the year’ category.


The marketing build-up to the concert:

Subject to sponsorships and partnerships, we hope to have a considerable marketing build-up to the event

  • Press releases announcing the concert, the cause and the partners (at every opportunity).
  • Mentions in the Events sections of the leading local newspapers leading up to the concert.
  • Mentions and event listings on online event websites.
  • Posters across the city 10-15 days before the event.
  • Advertisements in local dailies three days before the event.
  • The Zansam.in website, which ranks no. 1 on search engines for most music and Bangalore related searches, will publicize the event and offer online ticket bookings.
  • The event will be promoted extensively through Facebook and other social media channels.
  • We will be sending email notification to our email database, consisting of music enthusiasts and past audiences.
  • Publicity within leading corporates and business enterprises for bulk booking of tickets.
  • Banners in the vicinity of the venue on the day of the event.
  • Handouts and posters will be available to sponsors who want to publicize the event in their offices or retail outlets.


During the Concert:

  • 3 hours of music that will bring back the nostalgic golden oldies from Bollywood.
  • Announcements, acknowledgements of our supporters, donors and sponsors periodically.
  • Announcements about fund-raising to subsidize and sponsor music education of under-privileged children.
  • Banners and the back-drop will publicize our sponsors and donors.
  • Each patron will receive a complimentary copy of the souvenir.

Be a part of not just a musical evening, but also a memorable day in support of music education.

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