Music with a cause

At Zansam, we believe that music opens up minds and hearts and gives an expression that cuts across languages, cultures and geographies. Music is an integral part of the Indian culture and heritage. Every city in the country has no shortage of children with musical talent and a passion to learn music.

However, learning music can be an expensive pursuit that often discourages parents from letting their talented children from chasing their passion for music. We want to make music education accessible to the under-privileged who cannot afford formal training in music. To make this happen, we have partnered with Prahlad Mira Academy for Music and Art, a premiere music institute in Bangalore to organize fund-raising events and concerts that will allow the academy to provide subsidised or free education to under-privileged but talented kids, and also purchase instruments that the students can’t afford to buy for practice and learning.

The profits from the concert will help subsidize or sponsor talented children who cannot afford formal music training.

Join us in helping children give wings to their musical talent.


To partner us or to sponsor the concert, write to us