In support of a charitable cause:

Started in 1975 by Smt. S. G. Susheelamma, Sumangali Sevashrama works towards the empowerment of women and children. With only 3 children when it was first started, the organization has grown to house more than 100 children and 50 destitute women.

Since the Ashram was set up, it has been evolving continuously, serving and working towards making a difference to the lives of the underprivileged. What started as a home for the needy has over time multiplied its activities into different action plans benefitting children, women and society. Some of the areas they work towards are:

The Ashram’s first step towards educating children was taken in 1975 when a nursery and higher primary school was built in Adugodi where underprivileged children were brought to provide education. Today the Ashrama runs more than 8 small educational institutions.

The Ashrama has been taking in abandoned women who have nowhere to go. These women find a family and a home in the warm and welcoming premises of the Ashrama.

In the year 2000, the management of the primary health center at Cholanayakanahalli and in 2003, urban Family Welfare Center at Palace Gutahalli has been entrusted to the Sumangali Seva Ashrama wherein more than 15 lakh people are benefitted every year by services like:

  • Regular health check up camps
  • Weekly medical check ups
  • Immunization programs for mothers and children
  • Well Women Clinic
  • Primary health center
  • Mobile clinic

Sumangali Sevashrama has been working tirelessly to empower women financially and emotionally. They have a number of programs that include:

  • Vocational training for women in various skills
  • Training for Ashrama staff
  • Making home made products
  • Mahila Vakoota
  • Self employment
  • Self help groups
  • Entrepreneurship development program
  • Empowerment for women in distress


  • Distribution of notebooks to children of Government schools
  • Baby center for low income group
  • Integrated child development services
  • Care and home for the mentally challenged

When members of Zansam visited Sumangali Sevashrama, we knew we wanted to get associated. Our forthcoming concert is a start of an association that we at Zansam hope will give a better future to those in need. After meeting the expenses of the concert, Zansam will donate 50% of all surpluses generated by the concert to Sumangali Sevashrama. The balance 50% would be retained as development and sustenance fund by Zansam to continue to hold similar events in future.

To partner us or to sponsor the concert, write to us